August 22nd, 2022 MLB Betting Tips

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MLB tips for August 22nd, 2022.

3-1 on Saturday.

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New York Mets at New York Yankees Betting Tips:

NYM – Max Scherzer 2.15 ERA/2.42 FIP
NYY – Domingo German 4.45 ERA/4.50 FIP

German has pitched better of late with a 3.20 ERA/3.56 FIP over his past five starts, but I see don’t see things going well for him tonight. The Mets offense has a 118 wRC+ against righties and they have been on fire for the past month with a 132 wRC+.

Scherzer is the man and he’s facing an ice cold Yankees offense today. They have a 98 wRC+ over the last 30 days and a 65 wRC+ over the last two weeks. Crazy to think with the way this team started the season, but they are really in the dirt right now.

Mets -0.5 First 5 Innings (-115)
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Los Angeles Angels at Tampa Bay Rays Betting Tips:

LAA – Tucker Davidson 6.75 ERA/5.41 FIP
TBR – Jeffrey Springs 2.52 ERA/3.23 FIP

Texas Rangers at Minnesota Twins Betting Tips:

TEX – Cole Ragans 5.02 ERA/7.45 FIP
MIN – Sonny Gray 3.11 ERA/3.33 FIP

Gray has absolutely been doing lately with a 1.69 ERA/2.93 FIP over his past five starts and he has pitched better at home this season. The Rangers offense has just a 94 wRC+ against righties this season so he should have success. The Twins bullpen has performed well of late with an 83 FIP- over the past two weeks.

Ragans has only made a few starts this year, but he’s nothing to get excited about. His projections have him at a 5.15 ERA/5.10 FIP so not much better than what he’s done so far. The Twins have a 105 wRC+ against lefties and a 108 wRC+ at home this season.

Twins -1.5 (-103)
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St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs Betting Tips:

STL – Jordan Montgomery 3.29 ERA/3.65 FIP
CHC – Drew Smyly 3.67 ERA/4.12 FIP

Milwaukee Brewers at Los Angeles Dodgers Betting Tips:

MIL – Eric Lauer 3.58 ERA/4.77 FIP
LAD – Julio Urias 2.40 ERA/3.43 FIP

Lauer had the start of his life last time out against the Dodgers, but this team is still built to hit him hard and I think they’ll get their revenge here. Lauer has a 3.38 ERA/5.20 FIP over his past five starts while the Dodgers hit lefties well. More impressive, they have a 127 wRC+ at home this season and a 137 wRC+ over the past two weeks.

The Brewers are weak against lefties with just an 86 wRC+. Urias has dominated over his past five starts with a 0.87 ERA/1.64 FIP.

The Dodgers bullpen has been much better than the Brewers pen this season and they have just a 75 wRC+ over the past two weeks.

Dodgers -1.5 (-120)
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